PWR Racing Team

What were the requirements

The previous website of PWR Racing Team was outdated. This could be seen by the exceptionally long loading time and the lack of up-to-date information.

The new website was supposed to be quick and easy to use by non-programmable team members. Additionally, the challenge was to display the model of their latest RTX car in augmented reality.

What were the beginnings

While designing the website, we focused mainly on simplicity of use. After all, each website is supposed to work for several years and be up-to-date. The website was built on CMS WordPress using WP Bakery Builder plug-in – the so-called page builder. Using this solution, the page is edited by matching blocks and filling them with a simple to understand interface.

We wanted the site to look modern and properly displayed on all devices. Therefore, we applied dynamic elements on the page in the form of moving subtitles on the home page or displaying team leaders in the form of squares in the mobile version.

Graphic Design    Website Development
Strona główna PWR Racing Team

Finally, someone took care of our website, so that there is no shame in giving its address to our partners. Other teams can only dream of it.

What makes it special

One of the stages was to prepare a completely new, rare functionality. Together with the marketing department we came up with an idea to make an AR module (augmented reality). The AR function consists in the fact that team members can present their car with a camera on the phone. Now all the team member has to do is enter the website, choose a 3D model and the car appears on the screen in the real environment.

Partnerzy PWR Racing Team

Development plan

To keep you informed about the successes, the marketing team publishes entries in the news section. The list of PWR Racing Team partners not only includes all logos but also links to their websites. In addition, the team tab contains photos and contact details for each team member. PWR Racing Team also aims to develop the AR module so that it can be displayed on any device. It is also possible to display live broadcasts from YouTube type services on the website.

Aktualności PWR Racing Team
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