Gwiazda Polarna

Simplicity gives better results

The project we did for the Gwiazda Polarna Foundation is really special for us. Rarely happens that we get 100% freedom and can make a website almost exclusively according to our preferences. During the initial sketches, we decided to refer to the logo and the foundation team’s hobby – sailing. Hence the waves theme that appears on every page, changing the typical square layout into a more rounded, even unusual one. When we were choosing the color palette, it was clear to us that it has to refer to the logo. Hence the blue and turquoise colors. To reflect the creativity and enthusiasm of the team, we relied on illustrations that are under a commercial free license. Another important detail are neon buttons, which, just like on our website, light up on so called hover. A huge role, play the shadows, which give a three-dimensional effect on the page.

Website Development

What makes this project stand out

The ability to share knowledge and experiences of team members among those who observe the foundation’s work is priceless. Therefore, the news module, which allows you to collect all the information in one place, in a clear, yet modern form. Also could not miss a separate section, made specifically to display the projects that the foundation has completed. Among them is the project, implemented under the name “Take the course to work in the future“, for which we also created a website. The culmination of the whole site is a simple yet essential system of sorting blog articles, which allows you to search for posts by author, tag or category.

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