Frequently asked questions.

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We provide an invoice for each order and realization.

The time to create a website depends on the complexity of the project and the number of pages. On average, we need about three weeks to complete.

The Internet domain is the unique name of your company on the Internet (

Hosting is a space on a server that allows your website to be seen by other users within the network.

The SSL certificate ensures secure data flow from your site through encryption. It also allows for a higher position in the Google ranking.

Responsive Web Design is a website created in such a way that the website adapts to any screen size so that it always looks good, both on a computer and smartphone.

CMS stands for Content Management System. The website, which is created using the CMS has an administrator panel, thanks to which making changes and extensions is user-friendly without programming experience. Editing and adding content is done by using a text editor. CMS is in our opinion the basic and most important functionality of a modern website. We specialize in CMS WordPress.

Optimization consists in reducing the size of the website by using modern compression methods and thorough analysis of website files. Appropriate optimization will speed up the loading speed of the page and rank your website in the Google.

That’s not necessary. We offer hosting and domain name for the first year at the price of the website. By choosing our hosting you save money and stay calm without worrying about configurations and maintenance.

We provide access to detailed statistics of visits to each website made by us.

For each completed website that is hosted by us on the server, we can generate rules of personal data processing.

We’re updating the existing websites.

Thanks to the administration/site service you don’t have to worry about backups, content updates or every change order. If you have an idea to expand your website or add new content we will do it at the price of the service. The administration/site service works on a monthly or annual billing model.

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