Project is never perfect

Digispot is an agency whose main goal is to increase the sales of e-commerce websites. When we started our cooperation, we received a project that we were supposed to stick to, however, during the implementation it turned out that the elements that looked good on the render, are not at all attractive on the actual website. Therefore, together we changed many elements such as graphics or some sections.

Good results in speed tests, were a priority for both parties. The native Gutenberg editor proved to be a hit, once again proving its performance and ease of use at the same time.

Website Development

What makes this project stand out

The digispot.pl website contains all the necessary elements that should be present on a website to effectively generate profits. We divided the homepage into sections such as: services, cooperation plan and team. There also had to be customer reviews and a list of companies that trusted their services. One of the most important features is the blog module, where digispot shares his valuable knowledge about sales and marketing. There was also a free ebook that is available for download for anyone who is interested in e-commerce.

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