December 2, 2018

Price List

Now you can get your own website for just 600€ net!

The cost of creating a website depends on many factors and it is not easy to give one fixed price, but for your convenience, we are giving an example of a valuation for creating a simple website.

Price includes:

  • execution of a modern graphic design,
  • Central Management System WordPress for website management in English or other language,
  • a responsive version that allows the correct display of the page on mobile devices,
  • insertion of materials and content provided on the website,
  • purchase of 10 licensed photos for the website design (worth 60€),
  • fast server with SSD disks for website and mail (worth 60€),
  • registration of your own domain (internet address, for example, (worth 60€),
  • SSL certificate (secure site) for the first year (worth 20€),
  • setting up a Google Analytics account and installing the tracking code on the website,
  • adding a page to Google Webmaster Tools,
  • adding a page to Google search engine,
  • setting up to 5 mailboxes with your domain in the address (for example,,
  • access to accurate, up-to-date statistics on the website,
  • service 24/7,
  • 3-year warranty,
  • keeping a backup page with accuracy of one week,
  • 3 years of support in the use of the CMS system.

As a result of our work, you will receive a complete, working website with the possibility of further editing and expansion, and you will not have to pay any additional costs for the first year.

What are the maintenance costs of the page?

The site requires a server and domain to work – all of these services are provided to you for the first year, and after a year you have to renew them to ensure the continuity of services.

The costs of renewing services after one year are:

  • server: 120€ net,
  • domain (website address): 30€ net,
  • SSL certificate: 20€ net (optional).

Do you have any questions? Do you need something more? Contact us!