Apple Glass – smart glasses

The latest news from the world of Apple announces the launch of a new product called Apple Glass. According to Jon Prosser, Cupertino’s smart glasses can be presented in September at a presentation of the new iPhone and Apple Watch series.

It is worth knowing that this will not be the first such product on the market. In 2012, Google presented its glasses concept, which has been brewed since the beginning of 2015.

At first glance, the glasses from Apple will not differ from the classic frames. They will probably be made of plastic or lightweight aluminium. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple Glass appeared in a stainless steel frame or titanium. The user will also have the opportunity to choose the right lenses for his or her visual impairment or to use so called zeroes. At this point there will be no sunscreen version. There were rumours that Apple is working on a version of Apple Glass “Heritage Edition” to be inspired by Jobs glasses.

Selected notifications such as messages, emails or calendar notifications will appear right in front of your eyes. When using the navigation, all the necessary information will be displayed, such as directions, traffic, distance from the destination, and so on.

The date, time, or schedule will be displayed continuously. Apple is also working on a proprietary format of QR codes, which Apple Glass will read and display the information contained therein.

All information will be displayed on two lenses and the image will be visible only to the spectacle wearer. Unlike glasses from Google, Apple Glass is not supposed to have a built-in camera. The camera lens will be replaced by LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), a sensor that appeared in iPad Pro 2020. This sensor is responsible for mapping the world around us in 3D, in such a way as to place and display models of virtual objects in augmented reality with the greatest possible precision. This is a good step from a privacy point of view, as not everyone would feel comfortable wearing a camera. An important element of glasses control will certainly be the Siri built into AirPods. Charging will be done wirelessly, through a case or induction stand.

All operations are to be performed directly on the iPhone and sent to glasses. All of this is possible thanks to the latest Wi-Fi 802.11ay standard.

The glasses are to make their debut at a price starting from $499.

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