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The website of the photographic and film company retroBŁYSK was a huge challenge for us. From the very beginning the assumption was a great diversity of content, high functionality and unprecedented attention to detail. The task of the website is: to present an offer for particular photographic, film or combined services; to enable the booking of photo sessions at special events; to present the company’s portfolio and private photo galleries of customers.

Website Development

What makes it special

The retroBŁYSK website consists of 141 pages and 4 entries as of today. While coding individual elements we paid attention to colors, spacing, shadows and graphics quality. Each subpage is responsive and properly designed for each screen, thanks to many additional @media rules. As retroBŁYSK mainly deals with wedding photography, the quality of the presented photos was very important and as you can see they stand out extremely well. The reservation panel for unregistered clients has all the features needed for a smooth functioning of the business. It allows you to see all upcoming events, customers’ contact details and an easy to use change dates. The system, with each reservation, sends appropriate e-mail notifications to the client, so that everything is clear for both parties. We have also created online galleries only for users who log in with the appropriate login and password.

After completing the site, we have prepared instructions for use of the site, as always, we have answered all questions and provided all the tips for the development of the company on the Internet. We are proud to admit that is one of the most advanced projects we have done.

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