Restaurant Draconis

We’re doing onepage

The DRACONIS restaurant website is a so-called onepage. Not every company’s operation is so extensive that there is a need to create a large number of pages with a load of information, which is why the style of one page is used mainly for small projects, such as business card websites. was supposed to contain the most essential information about the company: short description about us, presentation of products in the menu and contact details. Moreover, the layout of the website was supposed to be associated with the style of the restaurant, i.e. neon signs, smoke and fire.

Website Development

What makes it different

The realization for DRACONIS restaurant was really special. Mainly due to the short realization period (only 21 days). Luckily, We were able to create the website, without introducing any content, in only 14 days. It is worth noting that the time from the owners’ application to the first effects of cooperation was 24 hours. Finally, we have the opinion that one page is a perfect example of a website for newly opened businesses, mainly due to its affordable price and fast delivery time.

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