Speed matters

The LIFT & PRESS website was intended to be very easy to use from the beginning. That’s why, when designing the site, we focused on limiting “hard-coded” content to an absolute minimum so that all possible elements could be changed in a visual editor without the need for code editing skills. It’s worth noting that all the styles were set in such a way that the owner didn’t have to adjust the colors or sizes of texts or graphics by himself. This is where the native Gutenberg editor comes to the rescue. This system is included in every installation of WordPress CMS and at the moment, can be considered the best in terms of quality and amount of generated code. The number of lines is limited to a minimum, which makes the page loading speed significantly faster.

Website Development

What makes it different

When choosing the color theme we opted for elegant, but also dynamic colors – red and navy blue. We wanted the style of to refer to the services provided by the owner. The website includes a blog, which effectively builds user engagement and provides an opportunity to spread free knowledge to readers and effectively attract new cooperation orders. Videos play an important role as they tell about the service and the owner in a more interesting way than photos. The whole website was extended with a mailing system integrated with MailChimp platform to keep the blog readers for longer.

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