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More than a website

The order for Legal Advisor Jerzy Wyszyński was more than just the execution of the website. We also created a logo, letterhead, e-mail template and business cards. The main goal during the design of the whole image was to keep all the elements in a colour scheme that was to be both modern and trustworthy.

Graphic design    Website    Logo    Business cards    Letterhead     E-mail template

Class and modernity

The key aspect during the creation of the website was to create a good impression and to arouse trust in the visitors. We decided to combine golden and navy blue. Moreover, we focused on such details as adjusting the navigation bar of the browser.

Posts on the website play a very important role. Not only the latest information on the functioning of the law firm is published in the news, but also legal advice for website visitors. This simple procedure not only strikes the website in Google’s browser, but also builds customer confidence. Personally, we highly recommend reviewing the entries of Mr. Wyszyński.

The website has been extended to facilitate accessibility for people with disabilities, in the form of the possibility of increasing or decreasing the text, including gray scale or negative contrast.

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