Kurs Na Pracę

Landing page

The website of the Obierz Kurs Na Pracę project, implemented by the Gwiazda Polarna Foundation, is a landing page. This means that the page is designed to promote a specific project, in this case the events conducted within the project. Such a site is an effective way to reach a wider audience. Landing page will also prove useful in other industries such as restaurants or services. For example, the draconisburger.pl website also aimed at exposing its menu as the main content.

Website Development

What makes it different

Designing the website of this project was a pure pleasure. Due to the great freedom of action and trust of the client. We decided on large titles and a uniform color theme. The website contains information about the project, events and presenters. There is also a blog module, thanks to which the Gwiazda Polarna Foundation can share knowledge all the time. The website loads quickly, thanks to graphics in a modern optimized version. Additionally, in order to make it easy to sign up for an event, an application form was created with an autoresponder which sends a confirmation of registration and a link to an online meeting.

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