Private Clinic Biogenes

What was important

The website of the Non-Public Health Care Center Biogenes was to be accessible for people of all ages. The structure of the website’s menu was designed in such a way that the person looking for information had no problem finding it. In order to relieve the telephone line, we created a “questions and answers” subpage, where you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions. We also wanted to attach any declarations on the site and give the opportunity to register for a visit. Moreover, the schedule of medical staff is public and synchronized with the internal system of the clinic. We also took care of optimization and speed of loading the website.

Graphic Design    Website Development

What makes it different

Thanks to the latest technology and modern design, the final website has exceeded our expectations. Colours and graphics perfectly match the medical industry and, what is most important, make the website easier to use, which is extremely important in the case of clinics. The website is also available from the employees’ point of view. For them, we have simplified the website administration panel as much as possible so that adding news is simple and fast. This ensures that the Biogenes website always has the latest information.

The clean categorisation of the website makes it easy for the patient to find the services offered by Biogenes both on the NFZ and privately. There is also information about what kind of diseases are dealt with by the individual doctor, which room the specialist is in and his or her opening hours.

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