20th e-commerce fair in Warsaw

On Wednesday, October 20, from 10:25 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., we took part in the 20th e-commerce fair, which took place in the EXPO XXI building in Warsaw’s Wola district. Many well-known companies from e-commerce industry, such as DPD, PayPO, CENEO, mBank or Poczta Polska had their stands and shared their knowledge about their products and services.

In addition to the stands there were also thematic presentations related to online sales. We took part in the following lectures:

  • Modern advertising mailing in the service of conversion for e-commerce.
  • Firecracker in the shopping cart, or how to win the battle for undecided customers?
  • Increase sales with PayPo, without necessarily spending more on advertising.
  • The most common mistakes made during the customer service in e-commerce.
  • Unique store. How to stay in the customer’s mind?
  • How we have researched several dozens of Polish m-commerce sites with Google in terms of UX and performance? Case study.
  • Increasing sales by automating prices in the store.
  • How not to go bankrupt on e-commerce.

All the speeches gave practical knowledge which can be used both in the construction of stores and in their service and operation.

It was also extremely valuable to see the equipment and machinery used to prepare products for sale or shipping. As far as the shipping elements are concerned, apart from the whole range of cardboard boxes, foils and tapes, it was possible to see the machines that automatically roll the paper from risk into a tube to cushion the contents of the shipment during delivery. Another unusual product were the booths used for automatic 360-degree photography of products, which in addition to automatic processing of the images, immediately sent them to the server of the store, so that they can be added there along with the product description.

After a long break, associated with the pandemic situation in the world, it was good to return to such a large industry expression, which in addition to very interesting exhibitors provided practical knowledge from the world of e-commerce. We hope that in the next years we will also have the opportunity to appear there.

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